While certain key functions within any company are often fulfilled by company staff, others can be outsourced.

GTG Corporate’s team of experts in diverse fields provides outsourced services to a large number of our clients; our outsourcing services portfolio includes Compliance, Legal, Data Protection and Internal Audit and can be tailored to our clients’ specific needs.


Our most sought-for outsourced service is that for a Key Function Holder in Compliance.  Backed by a fully-fledged team of compliance specialists, with the support of our regulatory and legal specialists, our already MGA-approved Key Function Holders (Compliance) assist our clients in ensuring that their company is maintained in good standing from a legal and regulatory perspective. GTG Corporate offers this outsourcing service in conjunction with other compliance support services, where our compliance team manages all compliance matters for our clients.

Internal Auditor

A key requirement of any MGA licensee, an MGA-approved Internal Auditor is fundamental to the compliance of any license holder. Defined by strict rules that impose independence from a company’s operations and forbid internal auditors from holding any other Key Function in order to avoid conflicts of interest, outsourcing is often the best solution for the fulfilment of this onerous obligation.

GTG Corporate provides qualified accountants and auditors with years of C-Level experience, and who are duly approved by the MGA as Key Function Holders for internal audit. With CPD requirements covered by us, our outsourcing services also include Internal Audit Plans tailored to our clients’ needs, serving as the basis of a personalized internal audit programme which is followed by our specialists throughout the outsourcing period.

Privacy & Data Protection Officer

Whether the result of a legal obligation or as part of a comprehensive privacy programme, Privacy and Data Protection officers are fundamental to the correct application of data protection laws and procedures across multiple industries. Within the field of betting and gaming, MGA licensees are required to have Privacy and Data Protection assigned to a person who holds the necessary experience and qualifications in Data Protection.

GTG Corporate offers clients the services of their experienced Key Function Privacy and Data Protection Officers, where MGA-approved Data Protection specialists can be engaged to serve as the Key Function Holder for MGA’s requirements, and also be the appointed Data Protection Officer with the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner.


GTG Advocates boasts one of the best team of legal experts across multiple legal disciplines, many of which are featured and ranked by international ranking agencies such as Legal 500 and Chambers. Guaranteeing a top legal professional in any field, GTG’s legal experts are also approved by the Malta Gaming Authority to act as Key Function holder (Legal), combining expert knowledge of the gaming field with intimate knowledge of the law.


GTG Corporate is duly authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as a Class C Company Service Provider and offers specialised guidance in corporate, regulatory & compliance matters including the incorporation of companies and set ups in Malta.

We are pleased to connect with you in‑person, by phone, by email. We look forward to learning how we can help you.

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