Whether an enterprise is operating in a regulated industry, or whether it is aiming to be listed on the stock exchange, having a clear corporate and organisational structure is a key requirement in order to successfully operate in today’s competitive markets. Identifying a company’s functions and defining its key persons’ roles and responsibilities is crucial for a business to be focused and profitable.

GTG’s advisory specialists can assist you with designing your organisation to achieve your business goals, be efficient, and improve service and product turnaround times. Our GTG advisory specialists also assist clients restructure organisations to be better positioned for a merger or acquisition, when applying for a license or diversifying their customary offering.

GTG Corporate is duly authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as a Class C Company Service Provider and offers specialised guidance in corporate, regulatory & compliance matters including the incorporation of companies and set ups in Malta.

We are pleased to connect with you in‑person, by phone, by email. We look forward to learning how we can help you.

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