Legal Futures: An industry leader in innovation and the digital transformation in the EU, Malta was one of first jurisdiction to expand its comprehensive, flexible regulation to tap into technology regulation as well as setting up an Authority exclusively dedicated to technological innovation.

GTG has been at the forefront of these developments, with direct involvement in the development of Malta’s innovative legal framework as well as the push for Regtech and Suptech in regulated sectors in and from Malta. We have vast experience in advising clients, including Authorities in this sector. Our experienced team provides practical and nuanced regulatory guidance and advice on legal futures including:

  • Regtech, Suptech and Comptech.
  • Setting up and creating innovation hubs and regulatory sandboxes.
  • The regulatory requirements to register and be a resident in innovation hubs and regulatory sandboxes.
  • Digital Identity, Digital Signatures, Digital Seals.
  • Digital Assets and Digital Wallets/Custody.
  • Alternative business structures, new market entrants and regulatory change.
  • The legal aspects of innovative technology, the likes of AI, IOT
  • Cybersecurity, operational resilience and cyber resilience.
  • The effects of technological innovation on existing legal regimes, future of privacy, intellectual property, competition, innovation, globalization, and other areas of the law undergoing rapid change due to technological advancement.
  • Drafting legal opinions

Our services are also complimented by GTG Corporate, our dedicated CSP which is duly authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as a Class C Company Service Provider and offers specialised guidance in corporate, regulatory & compliance matters including the incorporation of companies and set ups in Malta.

We are pleased to connect with you in‑person, by phone, by email. We look forward to learning how we can help you.

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