Gaming 2021 – Malta CHAPTER, Lexology Getting the Deal Through

GTG Advocates wrote the Malta Chapter of the GTDT Gaming 2021 Guide. The chapter was co-authored by Reuben Portanier and Terence Cassar.

The GTDT Gaming 2021 is a quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights into land-based and remote gambling and quasi-gambling activities, including legal definition; age restrictions; penalties; social and non-profit gambling; regulatory authorities; anti-money laundering regulations; establishment, director, officer and owner licensing; casino development; passive/institutional ownership; responsible gambling; taxes; cross-border and internet gambling; patents; trademarks; advertising; supplier licensing and registration; wage and hour and collective labour issues; change of control and bankruptcy considerations; recent litigation; and recent trends.

The chapter can be accessed here. For further information or assistance kindly  contact Mr Reuben Portanier or Dr Terence Cassar.