Our Team

Our Team

The team behind your Success

With decades of combined experience and a keen eye for emerging trends and innovation, our legal and corporate teams are invested in ensuring your success.

Senior Partners & Management

At GTG, our senior partners and management are committed to the firm’s core values, ensuring individual attention, respect and integrity in the pursuit of excellence for our clients. In addition to outstanding expertise in our respective specialist fields, we recognise changing commercial realities and apply a pragmatic approach to our work. Our foreign language capabilities, knowledge of different legal systems and international contacts allow us to always translate our clients’ demands into concrete legal solutions.

Partners & Advocates

Our partners and advocates provide personalised and efficient service, backed by their outstanding expertise in their respective specialist fields. Keenly aware of changing commercial realities and pragmatic in their approach to finding appropriate solutions, they strengthen our teams and ensure we always serve the legal needs of our clients.

Corporate Support

GTG’s experienced support team assists in providing our renowned added-value and efficient services. In addition to having outstanding expertise, we recognise changing commercial realities and apply a pragmatic approach to our work, always translating our clients’ demands into concrete solutions.


We pride ourselves in offering legal practice experience to trainee lawyers during the course of their studies. Our trainees regularly shadow GTG’s team, gaining experience and intimate knowledge of our core values.