Further security measures introduced in Malta during Covid-19

On the 26th March 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne outlined the following measures:

Public order

There can be no public gatherings of more than five people. There should be a distance of two metres between people. This measure is with immediate effect. Police have been ordered to disperse people in public.

Lockdown for elderly and vulnerable persons

All persons over 65 are deemed as vulnerable persons and are to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary. These can only go out for medical emergencies such as hospital appointments.

Additionally, a group of vulnerable categories (irrespective of age) are also to remain indoors

These include Insulin-dependent diabetics, patients on biologicals, patients on chemotherapy or who underwent such treatment in the past six months, patients who are immuno-suppressed such as those with transplants and HIV, people who undergo renal dialysis, pregnant women, patients who were admitted to hospital for some respiratory disease over the past year, anybody who had a heart condition in the past six months, all those who attend the heart failure clinic and people on oral steroids.

It is important to note that people in these categories and who work, are being asked to either work from home or benefit from special quarantine leave.

However, the measure that will impact the labour force most is that those people who are living with over 65’s or people with the abovementioned medical conditions are also in lockdown and cannot go out. They can also work from home in this situation. 

According to the health minister around 118,000 people will be affected by this measure.

Additionally, people who are over 63 years of age are also not to go to work and if possible, work from home. 

So far 134 coronavirus cases have been announced with 2 having recovered. Authorities are expecting the numbers to rise substantially in the coming days as two new testing hubs come online. 

A free delivery service for food and medicines to the elderly has also been put in motion.