Shipping & Maritime

malta_maritime4GTG is one of the top-tier firms in the area of shipping law, with firm members having extensive and long experience in all aspects contingent to shipping.

Positioned in a strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean and lined with natural ports, Malta provides one of the largest shipping registries in the region.

The island has established itself as an ideal transit route between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with efficient customs formalities, a reliable handling and delivery system, advanced warehouse and distribution centres, and shipping agents providing excellent services at competing prices.

The Malta flag is renowned worldwide for its value, requiring rigorous compliance with Maltese regulations and international treaties. As a member of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Maritime Satellite Organisation (INMARSAT), Malta is a party to all major maritime conventions and abides to all internationally-recognized standards.

A party to several double taxation agreements, Malta also offers considerable tax advantages. The registration procedure is inexpensive and simple, and is open to bareboat charters and all types of vessels, including pleasure yachts, cruise liners and oil rigs, that may be registered by EU citizens or in the name of legally-constituted corporate bodies or entities, irrespective of nationality.

GTG guarantees timely, meticulous and expedient results. Its expertise draws on its ability to apply the law to the advantage of its clients, ranging from ship owners, charterers, agents and freight forwarding companies to international banks and other entities providing ship finance. The firm’s practice is vast, providing advice on all matters pertaining to:

  • The formation and maintenance of shipping companies;
  • The registration of vessels in the Malta Registry of Ships;
  • Agreements concerning shipbuilding, sale and finance of ships;
  • Maritime contracts such as charter contracts, carriage of goods by sea, tug and tow and marine insurance.

It also acts for clients purchasing or selling luxury yachts and represents clients in admiralty practice, litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Our services are also complimented by our dedicated CSP arm, Afilexion Alliance Company Limited which is duly authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as a Company Service Provider and offers specialised guidance in corporate, regulatory & compliance matters.