Partners & Directors

Robert Tufigno

Partner  |  LL.D.

Dr Robert Tufigno heads GTG’s Shipping department, specialising in ship registration and finance, advising numerous leading international banking and financial institutions with regard to the registration of statutory mortgages and the financing of Maltese-flagged vessels.

Dr Tufigno also provides extensive ongoing legal assistance, advisory and litigation services to Maltese and foreign ship owners with regard to mortgages and financing, as well as ship registration under the Maltese flag. Possessing vast sector experience, he provides comprehensive legal services in the formation and maintenance of shipping companies, ship sale and purchase agreements and maritime contracts such as charter contracts, carriage of goods by sea, tug and tow and marine insurance.

In addition, he also assists clients in the fields of employment law, civil litigation and dispute resolution and handles major cases in a variety of fields. Dr Tufigno is a graduate in law from the University of Malta and has led a number of state entities including the Malta Housing Authority, the Employment and Training Corporation, as well as serving on the national Planning Appeals Board.