Chambers and Partners, the leading legal directory, just released its Malta 2020 FinTech rankings. It is with pleasure that we announce that our teams and individual lawyers have been highly rated and ranked.

Chambers and Partners is the leading independent guide to the legal profession and this year GTG Advocates has built upon its strong reputation across a large number of practice areas. The FinTech directory provides full, in-depth and comprehensive analysis of law firms and consultancy firms in Malta. GTG Advocates has been highly rated by Chambers and Partners, and awarded Band 2 status in the FinTech sector.

Commenting on GTG Advocates, Chambers reaffirms that the firm is “held in high regard for the depth of its expertise in blockchain and virtual currency mandates. The firm has acted as the legal advisers for the Maltese regulators, often collaborating with them in drafting various regulatory instruments, including the Virtual Financial Assets Act and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act. GTG Advocates is noted for additional expertise in data protection and intellectual property”.

Feedback from clients to Chambers on GTG Advocates included “Not only do they know the law, they can apply it and guide us as to what we can and cannot do and provide us with options.”

CALEDO, our consultancy arm and a one-stop shop solution provider for FinTech clients was also separately ranked as one of the top consultancy firms and consultancy leading firm in the FinTech sector.

Commenting on Caledo, Chambers reaffirms that “Caledo provides clients with a wealth of expertise in blockchain enterprises and crypto­currency. The firm is equipped with a strong team of experts who can provide regulatory compli­ance with the licensing of virtual financial assets.”

Feedback from clients to Chambers on Caledo stated: “Caledo are very active in the Fin­Tech space – they are helping the ecosystem grow.”

Notable Individuals

Band 1 FinTech Space – Dr Ian Gauci, the firm’s and Caledo’s Managing Partner maintains a stellar reputation in the FinTech sector and ranked Band 1 as a leading individual.

Chambers and Partners also recognised Ian Gauci as an individual whoexhibits strong capa­bilities across all aspects of the FinTech industry including technology, data protection and intellectual property matters. He enjoys an excel­lent reputation in relation to blockchain and virtual currency issues and was closely involved with regulatory authorities in drafting and creating new legislation concerning these subject matters.”

Sources attest that “Ian is a proficient person and a pioneer in the industry, especially on the legal side of FinTech. In FinTech, there isn’t anyone that is better than Ian Gauci.”

In his first comments Dr Gauci whilst thanking the team, espressed his satisfaction for this prestigious recognition and assured the firm’s commitment towards consistently improving the quality of service offered to its clients.

Disclaimer This article is not intended to impart legal advice and readers are asked to seek verification of statements made before acting on them.
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